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Acknowledgement letter

from CEO/CFO Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang

Asia Global TopStar Standard Group

Dear Valued Customers,

Since Asia Global TopStar Standard was found, we, the people at the base and international corporation have always aimed to become the best business setup and consultancy enterprise.

We’ve always wondered how to sustainably grow after in this scene of the bustling economy and extreme competition. We believe that the only way to succeed in a leadership position is to develop a governance system based on a unified corporate culture and talent development mechanism and successor. Over the past two years, we have continuously grown following the above directions.

Majoring in providing management solutions for startups and growing companies, our motto is “Your success – Our career.” We attach much importance to the positive progress of your business growth.

Our name in the financial field has been recognized. The result has been recorded, and we are so happy to see our customers got their profits.

CEO/Founder Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang • Asia Global TopStar Standard Group

To the people at Asia Global TopStar Standard Group
- Our priceless assets

It’s been two years since the establishment of our company, and I have limited words to describe how happy and honor I am to have been working with all of the human resources at Asia Global TopStar Standard Group. But to tell the truth, after all the value we have delivered, I know that we’ve got a massive mission ahead to skyrocket our company, as well as creating a modern and creative working space for everyone who works at Asia Global TopStar Standard.

To the coming Staffs - Our Future Resouces

And to those who are going to join our team, welcome! At Asia Global TopStar Standard Group, we appreciate every single value you will contribute and reward them with the greatest gratitude. With the dynamic working environment in the company, we ensure you a bright career that your effort and passion deserve.

To customers - Our Friends and Our Family

Coming to Asia Global TopStar Standard Group, the experience of business consultancy is exceptional and exclusive in many ways. When receiving feedback from our successful clients, we know that we’re in the right direction creating solutions for both suffering and growing enterprises. While finance is our profession, management is also our concentrated field to develop a company that is robust from the inside.

And To Readers of “1001 jobs for modern women – Key to success.”

I'm myself a prominent woman of my age. The book is just a recognize achievement in my career that delivered the perspective of a modern woman in terms of helping others to grab some ideas of where to start, making their career, and creating a better life.

I hope what written in the book is helpful for those who still have a vague mind of identifying their strengths required for some particular jobs. In the near future, Readers can expect more publications with progressive ideas from me and apply my experiences into you.

Wish All of You Success, Health, and Happiness!
Best Regards,

CEO/CFO Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang