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Three undeniable benefits of reading books, the best books 2020 (more introduction)

From Author Tran Nguyen Ngoc Trang

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Meta: Do you know book-reading routine can bring many perks for readers? If you haven't cultivated it yet, today's 3 benefits of reading books will change your mind!

Reading has long appeared many years, and the benefits of reading books have remained along with the books. Reading books is a timeless form of information and entertainment. It benefits for you and your health, so developing a reading habit is considered a should-do thing. 

Let's explore three benefits of reading books below; then you will understand why you should cultivate a book-reading habit right today! 

Three worth reading books in 2020 will be recommended to readers, so read on until at the end of this post!

Benefits of reading books

Three benefits of reading books

Mental Stimulation

Like other muscle in your body, the brain also needs to exercise daily to remain it healthy, and reading books is a great way to stimulate your mental health in the form of thinking and understanding. By focusing on the words and storyline, it encourages your cognitive functions.    

Many people today are influenced by Alzheimer's disease. A study showed that keeping mentally turned-on can minimize or even prevent the process of Alzheimer's. The benefit of reading books is to help your brain on the go and prevent it from losing power. 

Knowledge and vocabulary expansion

Books are an endless source of knowledge. So, the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you have to address issues you are likely to encounter. Everyday you digest some new information, it may come in handy in your certain circumstance.

Also, the more you read, the more words you acquire. For example, you read a foreign book; you might encounter several new words you do not understand. This leads you to look up a dictionary to get their meanings. Just like that, after several days, your vocabulary size will start to expand, and your language skills enhance. Additionally, when you encounter a word many times by reading books, you can remember it much better. So, reading books do particularly benefits for learning and reinforce a new language. 

Stress Reduction

Lessening depression is another remarkable benefit of reading books. Reading, especially self-help books, can slips away your stress at work, in your personal relationships, or problems in daily life. Or a well-written novel is an appealing idea when you are under pressure. When you lose yourself in a fancy story, a peaceful realm, it lets tension drain away and enables you to have fun and relax.  

The best new books of 2020

Take inspiration for a healthier routine from these top picks:

Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation

Written by Sharon Salzberg, a leading meditation teacher, this book features 12 meditation practices, containing walking meditation and mindfulness meditation. The author grants essential advice that kicks off the frustration most people may experience when exposing to meditate at the beginning.

Body Love Every Day: Choose Your Life-Changing 21-Day Path to Food Freedom

A great book from celebrity nutritionist Kelly Leveque, who is renowned for helping celebrities and normal people have meals that are more nutritious. Her signature "Fab Four" nutrition method includes protein, fiber, fat, and greens in each meal and several practical tips for balancing your blood sugar for even the pickiest eaters to follow. 

The upside of stress

As its name suggests, readers are going to see depression in a whole new image. When you understand what stress is and the positive benefits it brings, you can take advantage of its potential superpowers to succeed. Psychologist McGonigal guides you on how to get excellent at stress. With the helpful exercises and tools provided in-book, you can master the art of stress.